7 Things We Hope to See On Naomi Campbell’s New Talk Show.

Naomi Campbell, Blonde Hair

Rumor has it legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell has been offered her own talk show on a “major American Network”. If our dreams come true and this show actually happens, here are (at the very least) 7 things we hope to see on “The Naomi Show”.

1. Make-up tips.

Naomi Campbell Lipstick Naomi Campbell Lipstick

2. How to balance priorities.

Naomi Campbell I'm not here for that

3. How to be a spiritual person.

Naomi Campbell Praying

4. How to make an entrance.

Naomi Campbell Walking Gif

5. What to do when that entrance doesn’t go so well.

Naomi Campbell Walking Gif

6. How to build relationships.

Naomi Campbell  Gif

7. We also hope she’ll continue to address the topic of diversity in the fashion industry.

Naomi Campbell  Gif