7 Tips For Styling Your Beard

The beard growing trend has already existed even before 2020 but the imposed lockdowns across the globe in response to the coronavirus pandemic increased made this trend even more popular. Although some men claim their quarantine beard is only temporary, there’s no denying that more men will be wearing a full beard in the foreseeable future.

Hence, if you have a beard already and wish to improve its look, you should start styling it. This will control your natural beard growth and improve its look, shine, and texture.

With so many different styles available to try, it’s easy to become confused and end up with a beard that doesn’t look anywhere near as great as you thought it would. To ensure your beard is looking great, here are seven tips for styling your beard:

1. Grow A Beard

The first step to achieve proper beard styling is to allow your beard to grow. This is particularly important because styling is dependent on the hair growth you have permitted along your jawline. It’s advisable to allow between one to two months before you start styling your facial hair.

This period allows you to achieve even hair lengths across your face and grow it enough that’s appropriate for styling.

2. Choose A Beard Style That Matches Your Face

Everyone has a different facial shape which determines how your facial hair grows. The most common growth patterns are wide and flat. Letting your hair grow for up to 8 weeks will give you enough time to choose a style that compliments your natural growth pattern.

Some of the most popular facial shapes include square, round, oval, and rectangle. Square and round faces should have full chins and shorter hair on the sides, while rectangular and oblong faces should allow more hair on the sides and shorter lengths on the chins. Oval faces are the only facial types that are suitable for any beard type.

If you can’t decide on a beard style for yourself, you should consult with your barber. It’s advisable to allow your barber to do the first styling session. You can use this as a guide for future maintenance.

3. Brush And Comb Your Beard

Culturing your facial hair to grow in one direction requires proper combing. You should comb your beard with a beard straightener comb that is designed specifically for this purpose. Such comb fits perfectly and runs smoothly over your beard.
You can achieve better control by relaxing your grip on the comb before running it through your beard. This will help you avoid combing too hard and effectively loosening hair tangles and snags. Go in an upward direction first to separate the individual hair strands, then comb it down to get your desired shape.

You can also use a quality beard brush made of hard rubber, steel, or other durable materials. Take note that brushes are better suited for short beards while combs work best for long ones.

4. Trim Your Beard Length

You should trim your beard if you’ve got a thick and bushy beard. You should trim your hair at least three times a month. This way, your whiskers won’t be covered in hair or dirt. If your beard is already a mess, you can use a little alcohol to wash them before trimming.

Use a suitable beard trimmer to ensure that your facial hair does not get damaged in any way. When using a beard trimmer, make sure that you do not get the blades to the point that they are touching your cheek or chin, as this could cause permanent damage to your skin.

5. Take Note Of The Climate And Season

Those in cold regions should not trim their beards short to maintain warmth while those in warmer regions should trim their beards to ensure better airflow through their beards. Take note of seasonal changes by ensuring to wear long beards during winter and shorter ones in the summer.

Individuals in warm climates should allow their hair to grow freely, so it does not fall on their face. A professional haircut can provide an attractive and natural look. It is important to choose a professional because they know their tools and can trim your hair in a way that helps to keep your hair healthy.

6. Wash Your Beard Regularly

Beard washing is an important styling practice because oils are prone to build up over time under your beard, causing the accumulation of dirt. A good way to maintain your beard is by keeping it clean.

When washing your beards, use both a conditioning shampoo and a deep conditioner at intervals. This combination can help keep your beard looking shiny and healthy by removing all possible dirt from your hair. Don’t forget to use a good blow dryer, which will help dry out the moisture from washing your beards.

7. Apply Beard Oil

You can achieve a shiny, moisturized, and non-itchy beard by applying beard oil. Be consistent with the application of these because of its ability to moisturize your beard and skin. They can also prevent skin problems such as redness, irritation, and dandruff.

Don’t forget to research oil products by reading online reviews and consulting with other bearded friends. Celebrity groomers advise that you should try out as many beard oils as possible to determine your best fit. This is because they come in so many different versions like heavy, dry, and too shiny.


Beard styling is a no-brainer. You can’t grow your beard without styling it. Styling starts with the process of growing a beard consciously for at least a month. This ensures the development of even hair growth across your face in preparation for styling.

You need to properly match your face shape with appropriate styling with the help of a professional barber. Brushing, combing, and trimming your beard will help you to maintain the initial styling your barber carried out on your beard,

Ensure proper care of your beard by regularly washing it with a shampoo and deep conditioner. Apply beard oils abundantly and regularly to bring out a shiny beard texture.