A Guide to Choosing the Best Personalized Jewelry

For most people, the value of jewelry is determined by more than the metal used in making them and the market costs. For jewelry lovers, custom-made jewelry pieces have a higher sentimental value than off the shelf pieces.

When you want to buy the perfect customized jewelry piece, numerous factors come into play. These factors ensure you get the perfect ornament depending on the occasion, need, or the taste of the recipient. Ordering for customized jewelry pieces is an intricate process of planning, decision-making, and proper execution.

Here is how to choose the best-customized jewelry pieces.

The size

Whether you are interested in buying a customized ring, silver bracelet for women, pendants, chains, or any other customized jewelry type, size is an important consideration to make. This is particularly important for bracelets and rings. Jewelry needs to be adequately sized to fit the wearer.

The good thing is that most jewelers have a size chart. This is used to find the perfect size. For bracelets, you will need the wrist size, ring size is important for rings, while the length is important for pendants and chains.



This is an important factor to consider, especially if you plan to gift the piece on a special date. You need to discuss these details with the jeweler to ensure the piece is ready on the day you need to present it.

For customized jewelry pieces, different jewelers require different timelines to work on the order. Therefore, it is always best to ensure you place your order in good time.
The design 

This is usually the most challenging part of the process. If you already know how you want your jewelry piece to look like, you only need to explain the idea to a jeweler and come to an understanding and get your piece made.

On the other hand, if you do not have a ready idea for the design you want, you can give the jeweler clues of what you have in mind. Together, you can brainstorm and come up with a design to suit your needs. Be as descriptive as possible to ensure you accurately communicate your idea to the jeweler. This, way the jewelry piece can be exactly how you pictured it.

Metal color

The color you want the metal in can be based on your personal preference or that of the person you plan on gifting. If you prefer gold, you can choose from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or even black gold. For silver jewelry pieces, silver only comes in the whitish silver look. However, you can choose between sterling silver and other alloys of silver. Ensure you know the type of jewelry metal you want to get the perfect customized piece.

Stones and diamonds structures


When it comes to the type of stone, you can have the jewelry piece partially or fully decorated with precious stones. You can also choose not to include any precious stones or diamonds on the piece. This is especially common in silver ornaments.

Having a diamond-encrusted jewelry piece makes it more expensive, but at the same time, more pleasing to the eyes. Take the time to know the different qualities of diamond stones to ensure you make a perfect choice.

For precious stones, you get a chance to be creative with colored gemstones. For a more personalized piece, you can choose birthstones.

The pricing


When choosing custom jewelry pieces, it is easy to be carried away by the many designs, metal, and precious stones available. To ensure you do not spend more than you can afford, it is always best to work with a budget. This way, you are sure to make better decisions on your choice.

When determining a budget, bare in thought the minimum amount charged for jewelry services. Generally, the minimum is at least $2000. The cut, metal, design, and icing determine the final cost of your customized jewelry piece.

When you consider all these factors, you are sure to make the best choice for a customized jewelry piece. At Stephen David Leonard you’ll find a variety of choices for a meaningful and customized jewelry piece for him.