Art14 London brings African Art to the Forefront of Global Art. Review by Ronke Lawal.

Okhai Okeikere

Art14 London is fast becoming one of the world’s most essential art fairs – bringing together art galleries and curators from around the world. There as an array of art work which was a veritable heaven for a relatively new art enthusiast like myself.

I was pinpointed 3 galleries which particularly drew my eye as being seamless expressions of African Art: Rooke & Van Wyk (South Africa), Omenka Gallery (Nigeria) and Tiwani Gallery (UK).

Rooke & Van Wyk showcased “Emerging African Photographies” in an exciting and emotive presentation which features Lakin Ogunbanwo, Justin Dingwall and Frank Marshall. Each photographers’ powerful declaration of style and beauty presented to us in a bold and dynamic way.

Lakin Ogunbanwo, Rooke & Van Wyk Gallery, African Artists
(Lakin Ogunbanwo)

Justin Dingwall, Black Albino Models, African Albino Models, Albus
(Justin Dingwall – “Albus”)

(Frank Marshall)

“The curatorial vision of the Rooke & Van Wyk arts company focuses specifically on an emerging African Visual Culture which takes cognizance of the impact of economic globalization and rapidly urbanizing African societies.” They succeed in conveying this in the curation of these strong images. – @RookeandVanWyk

The Omenka Gallery confidently presented authentic Nigerian art that serves to break stereotypes and feed the minds of those who know little about the Nigerian art scene. 2 artists in particular stood out, Gary Stephens and the work of the late ‘Okhai Ojeikere.

Okai Ojeikere
(Okhai Ojeikere – left – “Aja Nloso Family”, right – “Headgear”)

Gary Stephens, Omenka Gallery African Artists
(Gary Stephens – left – “The Beach Vendor Yellow Light”, right – “Yaba Tech Art Student”)

The Omenka Gallery represented the beauty of a nation that is rich in culture and diversity through their showcase.
The Tiwani Gallery provided us with a colourful and heterogeneous range of artwork from the African Diaspora including works from Mary Evans and Ephrem Solomon. The range of work on display reflected the vision of the gallery in opening the world’s perspective to how truly kaleidoscopic Africa as a continent is.

Mary Evans, Tiwani Gallery, African Artists
(Mary Evans – left – “Mirror Image”, right – “Mirror Image”)

Ephrem Solomon, Tiwani Gallery, African Artists
(Ephrem Solomon – right – “Tegen” – left – “Untitled”)

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