Deaf Dance Teacher Chris Fonseca Features in a New Ad and Short Documentary for Smirnoff.

Chris Fonseca

British dancer Chris Fonseca became deaf after suffering from meningitis at a young age, but it didn’t hinder his early love of dance. After watching the 1984 movie Breakin he was inspired to explore the Electric Boogaloo, Popping, locking and B-Boy dance styles.

In 2009, while studying at University, he joined an all-deaf dance group, Def Motion. Joining the group and sharing his skills with a larger audience soon catapulted him onto on the international stage. He now teaches other dance enthusiasts who are also deaf.

Fonseca recently featured in an ad for Smirnoff, as well in several accompanying short documentaries. The series of videos features Fonseca’s students talking about enjoying dance and interacting with music as a deaf person.