Dermatologist Develops Haircare Line To Treat Scalp Irritation.


Dry, itchy scalp commonly affects those with kinky, curly, or textured hair types. LivSo, a new haircare line created by Dr. Shari Hicks-Graham, M.D., FAAD, aims to treat scalp ailments and prevent breakage. The 3-step line “restores the scalp’s moisture giving textured strands extra layers of protection, while exfoliating and removing flakes and strengthening hair follicles.”

“Strength, length and shine — that’s what the majority of shampoos on the market focus on, but healthy hair care is so much more than that,” said Dr. Hicks-Graham, a board-certified dermatologist in Columbus, OH, in a news release. “Every day I saw men and women come into my practice who had suffered hair loss due to scalp damage. I created LivSo to help people with textured hair soothe their dry, itchy scalp and protect their hair.”

LivSo’s main ingredients include coconut oil, glycolic acid, hydrolyzed oat protein and Abyssinian oil. Shop at and on Amazon.