Get On the Voguing Train.

Kemar Jewel, Voguing, Voguing Train, Ballroom Scene

Kemar Jewel, Voguing, Voguing Train, Ballroom Scene

Tired of the daily grind? Consider the Voguing Train for your daily commute. This uplifting video that is sure to keep your heart pumping is brought to you by director and choreographer Kemar Jewel.

A lot of aspects of voguing, have made their way into the mainstream via reality television and various forms of appropriation, but to artists like Kemar, voguing is still an important part of black gay culture and expression. He recently told the Huffington post,

“I made the video to show that anywhere can be a performance area,” Jewel said in a statement to The Huffington Post. “I am a member of Philadelphia’s Black Gay Ballroom Scene and I wanted to showcase all of its creativity and talent. Also, since voguing and the Ballroom Scene is an ‘underground scene,’ why not put it underground, literally! The video was filmed in a flash mob style to avoid getting arrested by the transit police. Sometimes you just have to take risks for your art.”

Enjoy the video and watch more from Kemar Jewel on his YouTube page. And most importantly: Please Watch The Closing Doors!.