Mississippi School Apologizes After Making Student Change ‘Black Girls Rock’ T-Shirt.

Black Girls Rock Shirt
(Image via WLOX)

A Biloxi, Mississippi elementary school has issued an apology after making a student change her “Black Girls Rock” shirt.

According to the student’s mother, Sharika Jolly, eight-year-old Makiyah-Jae struggled with her appearance and her mother gave her the shirt as part of an effort to help her self-confidence.

“Before she wanted her hair straightened and colored blonde,” said Jolly. “I’m like ‘No, baby. That’s not you. This is who you are. You don’t have to be like anyone else but yourself.’ And I feel like she should be comfortable in her own skin.”

Despite the fact that Makiyah-Jae had worn the shirt to school on several occasions, she recently came home wearing a different shirt than the one she had left home in. Understandably concerned, Jolly reached out to the elementary school’s principal.

“When I asked him what was the reason for him taking the shirt off of her, he said, ‘You’re right. It’s not in the policy. Nowhere in the policy does it state that the shirt is out of dress code,'” said Jolly. “He said they made a judgment call, then I proceeded to ask well who are the judges judging my eight year old. And he said ‘Well, I’m the principal so I made the call.'”

Jolly decided to take the matter to the school district and received an apology two days later. Biloxi Schools Superintendent Arthur McMillan admits that the school had “overreached” in an effort to “avoid conflict.”

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