Sasheer Zamata’s Saturday Night Live Debut Was Pretty Unremarkable and That’s a Good Thing.

Sasheer Zamata

She gave us crotch fanning, the occasional quip, and a really weird sketch about crushing on your friend’s dad, but overall Sasheer Zamata didn’t have a lot of lines during her Saturday Night Live debut. She was treated like any other new SNL player.

Since most new players are relegated to the background and have few lines, I wasn’t expecting to see Sasheer Zamata starring in sketches during her first episode. “Saturday Night Live” gave us just the right amount of Sasheer in what some are calling the “blackest” SNL episode we’ve had in a while. Well, as black as SNL can get with three black cast members and Drake as a host.

First she popped up playing Drake’s uncle’s mistress in the “Bar Mitzvah Sketch”.

The she sung the chorus during the digital short.

The she showed of some sexy dance moves with a Rihanna impression.

And then came these two seriously weird sketches.

Overall, it was a pretty typical episode with a pretty typical debut, from a new featured player. Since the general public has a pretty short memory, I’m that sure once all of the buzz dies down, she’ll fade back a bit, occasionally reemerging like most SNL newbies. Maybe like the other new guys she’ll pop up randomly in a sketch and we’ll go “who the hell is that?”. Actually, no we won’t.