The Stakes are High for the 2020 Election. Consider All the Options.

Despite the fact that it appears to be a “done deal,” the 2020 election hasn’t been officially resolved, quite yet. With exact outcomes still up in the air, opportunities to win big remain. Major districts in the states of New York, Utah, and California, among others, haven’t officially been called. These uncertainties mean that political betting odds are constantly in flux. The possibilities are endless for experienced and novice betters alike.

The Trump team, as well as several prominent Republicans and supporters, has vowed to continue to challenge the election. Ongoing challenges and constantly changing news means that the stakes are still high. The complexities of the electoral college and the complications of the election at the state level make for an enticing array of betting opportunities. One can choose any combination of possibilities, from little details to major events. To put it simply, anything can happen.

Betting on local politics is also an option. Democrats and Republicans have seen major upsets and surprises along the way at the congressional and representative level. Several interesting and bold new figures have been elected to office, possibly leading to major longterm changes for the country; and for the world.

In addition to betting on election outcomes, changes in policy and other major U.S. events can also be pretty exciting. Betters can speculate about the incoming Biden administration and how it will handle major issues like the Covid-19 pandemic or the ongoing matter of police brutality.

No matter what the detailed and complete outcome of the 2020 election, citizens will continue to speculate for months and years to come.