Vagabon is the Sweet Sounding Indie Rocker You Should be Listening To.


Vagabon, aka Laetitia Tamko is a 24-year-old indie rocker and Brooklynite with an instantly addictive sound. A multi-talented and multi-faceted artist, Tamko, who first started recording in 2014, blends her unique voice with a range of tones and moods in her latest release Infinite Worlds.

The 8-song album features bits and pieces from prior demos, lo-fi records, acoustic tracks, and electronic creations.

“I write a lot about places, archiving my memories in spaces that I used to be in, spaces I am currently in, or spaces I will eventually be in” she says. “Archiving different moments that I’ve been thinking about, have gone through. It’s not always autobiographical though. It could be about different situations I’ve seen people I love in. Or people I don’t know in. I think that comes a lot from being in different environments. Like growing up in Cameroon. There, we are happy with very little. Then moving here and seeing how the culture differs from where I’m from.”

Tamko’s songs are embedded with her own story and personal history: growing up in Cameroon, her family’s move to New York and adjusting to culture shock. Her family left Cameroon just in time for her to begin high school in the states. She grew up around music and loved it, but finishing engineering school was a priority before music could start to feel like a real possibility. “When I was in Cameroon, my mom would have these ‘reunions’ which was just her friends coming over on Sundays,” she says. “There was a lot of music around me. Traditional West-African songs sung as group chants, hand drums and percussive instruments being played, etc.” To date, Tamko mostly listens to East and West African music nostalgic of her childhood, styles of music that influence her own in subtle ways.