Vegas Roads that See the Most Accidents

Vegas is a famous city that offers you the right amount of fun and excitement with its thrilling nightlife, numerous gambling spots, high-end shopping places, and compelling entertainment. It is also the most populated city in the state of Nevada.

Vegas ranked 144 out of 200 cities in a recent driver safety report. The report also states that a Las Vegas driver has a 21% higher chance of having a car accident than the national average and is likely to have one accident every eight years.

Most of Vegas’s road accidents are due to drunk driving that causes over 8,000 DUI arrests every year, and driver distraction, like driving with your pet in the car, using your phone, or being distracted by your passenger(s).

In a case where you’re not responsible for an auto accident, it is advisable to contact a car accident attorney who will facilitate your compensation, making it easy for you to cater for the injuries and damages caused.

Which Vegas Roads Record the Most Accidents?

1. Las Vegas Boulevard

What is Vegas without Las Vegas Boulevard? This major road is an important landmark that hosts the famous “Las Vegas Strip.” The Las Vegas Strip, a portion of the Las Vegas Boulevard, attracts many tourists with its numerous large hotels and casinos.

Most of its tourists and gamblers intend to fully maximize their nightlife experience and, therefore, end up driving while intoxicated or when extremely worn out. Moreover, some don’t adhere to the traffic rules, causing fatal accidents. This makes the Las Vegas Boulevard road particularly dangerous for pedestrians.

2. Interstate 15 (I-15)

This road is considered the deadliest stretch in the US. It begins in Primm and continues along through Las Vegas. Various research projects revealed that the section between Las Vegas and Los Angeles on the I-15 stretch is one of Nevada’s most dangerous roads.

Most of the road accidents on I-15 are due to excessive drinking, failure to wear seat belts, speeding, and distracted driving. Furthermore, the 15-year long “Killer Roads” project by Scripps Howard revealed that more than 1000 people perished in more than 800 accidents on this road, which is more than double the number of any other road in the US.

3. Highway 50

This East-West highway runs from West Sacramento, California, to the East Coast’s Oceanic City, Maryland. It is commonly referred to as America’s Loneliest Road because it’s a deserted and remote stretch. It passes through many places, including Las Vegas and a few other small towns in Nevada.

Running out of gas or having a road accident on the loneliest road would be tragic since there is barely any cell service or gas stations. If you decide to use this route, you need to plan yourself appropriately using a Highway 50 Survival Guide.

4. U.S Route 93

U.S Route 93 is a highway located in the western United States. It facilitates movement from Vegas to Phoe
nix and ranks as one of Nevada’s most dangerous roads on the Value Penguin data website.

Shockingly, most of the accidents on U.S Route 93 do not involve another car, and the stretch ranked 4th worst in emergency response time in the country. The road is not safe, and you will have to navigate it carefully.

5. State Route 431

State Route 431 is commonly known as Mount Rose Highway. It is considered the most dangerous highway due to its elevated roads and unpredictable twists and turns.

During the winters, Mount Rose Highway is extremely dangerous, and it is advisable to find alternative routes. In three winters, State Route 431 recorded more than 300 automobile accidents.

Road Safety Tip

Before you decide to go on a road trip, research more on the roads and follow all the road safety measures. Doing this will save you from losses and injuries caused by auto accidents.