Why Should You Chose Dossier?

Dossier is a handy, approachable brand which aimed to provide luxury fragrances at affordable and economical rates which are utilizable for everyone. Because of the traditions in beauty industry quality perfumes have become a luxury which all cannot afford. On their website luscious perfumes like creed aventus are available. Pricey packaging and celebrity commercial affirmation has made perfumes way more expensive than they actually cost.

Dossier isn’t leaving you behind if you also want to experience premium fragrances in pocket friendly budget. Quality fragrance is no more an investment because Dossier is providing you high end, clean, ethically sourced and long-lasting perfumes within your range.

Fragrance of your perfume represents your personality; it represents your royalty. Dossier not only want to make you feel good, it also wants their product to be good enough for you and for the planet.


Strict cosmetic safety recommendations from U.E and U.s are followed by the brand making its formulations ethical, sustainable and sourced from natural healthy ingredients. All the products are vegan and eco-friendly, formulations are hundred percent cruelty free and non-toxic so you can roam guilt-free.

The products you’re seeing at Dossier are not only Vegan &Cruelty-free, Paraben & Phthalate-free but also Colorant& UV Filter Free. Not any of the product contains harmful chemicals.


Dossier never compromises on quality. The brand never trades-off at quality. Even at this economical pricing starting at 19$. With every bottle of Dossier you receive highest quality scents which was once considered a luxury. Sourcing of scents is from the perfume capital of the world, The Grasse and France. Highest standards are followed and perfume concentration is higher than many other brands to ensure the promise they did of long-lasting fragrance.


The brand is open about their operations and appreciate valuable feedback from the clients. It provides honest and beneficial information about the sourcing, pricing and packaging.


Access to premium fragrances should not be a luxury for less than 1% of the community, every individual has the right to choose royalty within his pocket range.

Fragrances at Dossier starts at 19$ which are 70-90 percent less than the common luxury perfume brands.


The packaging Dossier is providing is environment friendly and hundred percent recyclable. Their love for Mother nature can be seen with the act that they stopped providing 2ml testers in order to reduce plastic waste. The only plastic being used is the pump else the brand has declared themselves plastic free. Even the glass being used for bottle is hundred percent recyclable.


Some of the best sellers of the brand are;

∙ Floral Marshmallow

∙ Gourmand White Flowers

∙ Woody Oakmoss

∙ Ambery Umbrella


Customer satisfaction is the first priority of the brand. Incase, you don’t like the scent refund for the whole bottle is provided while the bottle of perfume is given to the charity. 20% discount is provided on signing up and delivery charges don’t apply if you buy more than three products.

Beauty industry is not the only industry that grows on people’s insecurities. It feeds on lacking we find in our personalities, opposing the trends of this industry Dossier does not dictate on other’s footprints but produces what’s best for you, recommends you with the most unique and royal combinations that makes you set your own rules and ignite your senses.