3 Hacks And Clever Ideas To Keep Your Leather Products Forever New

Many of us have and use a variety of different leather products in our lives. This could be a leather couch we sit on, a leather jacket we wear, or even a leather wallet that keeps all of our cash and cards safe.

And according to Real Mens Wallets, you make a statement every time you take out your wallet. If you want that to be a positive statement, you need to make sure the leather is looking great. Unfortunately, over time leather products will begin to show their age and loss less-than-perfect.

But thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep your leather products looking great, and this blog post is going to go over a few of them.

Keep Them Clean

One of the best ways to keep your leather products looking great and new is to keep them clean. During regular use, leather can get filthy and full of dirt, dust and other debris. It can easily be stained and become discolored, too. You keep them looking fresh, you need to clean them.

Whether you need to clean wallet leather or the leather of a couch, jacket, or bag, you need to be careful. Use water, a soft towel and potentially a soft brush to clean your items every once in a while. Take care to avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the leather, too.

In addition to cleaning them, conditioning your leather products is a great way to keep it looking supple and stop it from drying out and becoming brittle or cracking. A little conditioner often goes a long way, so be careful. Also, whether you are cleaning or conditioning, always practice on a small corner of the leather first to make sure everything goes well.

Treat Them Well

Next, you need to treat your leather products with respect while using them. Be careful not to drop them, ensure they don’t get ripped or caught on anything, and keep them out of the heat and direct sunlight for long periods. Keep it away from dirt, and do all you can to ensure the leather is protected.

Also, keep them away from water. A tiny bit of water to clean the leather (which is then dried off) is fine, but you need to avoid too much water and leaving leather wet, as it can damage it. If you get careless with your leather products, they will begin to show their age and could easily get damaged or ripped.

Store Them Correctly When Not Being Used

While some leather products will be used daily, like a wallet or bag, there may be a time where they need to sit for a while. Manye your tastes change, or you get something new. But even when not in use, you need to be thinking about how to keep leather products looking new.

When your leather products are not being used for an extended period of time, you need to be sure that you are storing them correctly. First of all, leather should be stored in low or no light locations, and certainly be kept away from direct light if possible.

Also, you need to be sure to store in moderate temperatures and humidity, and a damp basement or attic isn’t the place for leather that you want to ensure looks good. Leather should be kept in breathable containers or wrapping, and shouldn’t be stored on the ground.

These hacks and ideas will be able to help you keep all of your leather products looking great and help them last for years. If you don’t treat it well, don’t be surprised to see it look rough in less time than you would think.