5 secrets casinos don’t want you to know

Whether you like it or not, casinos are more than just buildings that allow you to have a good time. There’s way more involved than just giving you the opportunity to spend money in a fun way. Learn 5 things casinos don’t want you to know and don’t be tricked the next time you visit one!

1. The floor plan is designed to keep you inside

Ever wondered why casinos floor plans are like a maze? One minute you’re standing next to your friends and the next you’re by yourself frantically trying to find your way back to that one roulette table. Well, because casino floor plans are actually designed like mazes. For the sole purpose of keeping you inside as long as possible, casino floor plans are chaotic, obstacle-invested and make every corner look the same. There’s hard psychology behind casino design that probably works against you! However, the experience of being distracted by slot machines, bars, restaurants and more is what makes the real deal, right?

2. NORA is watching you

NORA software, or Non Obvious Relationship Awareness software, is the number one software for casinos to be able to keep an eye on every one of their customers. Naturally, casinos invest quite a lot in security and monitoring – it’s a money pit after all. But NORA gathers every piece of (personal) information required to catch cheaters, determine how valuable a player is for the casino and much more. Even game theorists are called in to support security specialists and some casinos even use radio frequency transmitters in their chips to unmask cheaters. This data mining strategy might seem something for homeland security – which it actually is used for – however, perhaps to your surprise, it was initially developed for casinos.

3. Chips are part of the psychological strategy

This secret isn’t all that hard to grasp. Casinos know that people are way more generous with spending chips than spending actual paper dollars. Turning your hard-earned cash into plastic chips immediately takes away some of the initial value to you. So psychologically seen, it’s much easier to raise the stakes with chips than it is with physical money. Moreover, as mentioned before, chips are fitted with radio frequency transmitters which make them traceable at any time. So for the casino, there’s also a security aspect to using chips, allowing the prevention of foul play and criminal activity within the casino.

4. You’ll never find a clock

Given the strong correlation between the time spent and money spent in a casino , casino owners benefit from visitors that stay as long as possible inside the establishment. It would be most beneficial if you were to lose track of time altogether. And what better way to do so than by stripping all walls of clocks? And windows for that matter. Any signal of time, whether it’s the oncoming darkness outside or hands of the clock, is counteracting the owner’s objective of making you spend as much money as possible. In combination with the maze-like floorplan, you could wander for hours without even knowing!

5. You’re stripped of any perception of the world outside

Given the lack of windows and clocks in casinos, it’ll not surprise you that casino owners try anything to shut the outside world out as soon as you enter a casino. Creating a dream-like world inside their casino, using bright lights and loud music to drown out the equally loud slot machines, a casino is decorated to lure you into a fantasy place where neither time nor real life exist. It’s just you, your bankroll and infinite slots machines, roulette tables and other ways to spend money quickly.

6. Looking to outsmart casinos?

Despite knowing the ins and outs of casino strategies by now, you’re still unlikely to outsmart casinos upon entering one. Being aware of the secrets of casinos is probably not making the experience more fun. However, what if there was an alternative to live casinos without the obsessive tracking and psychological warfare to make you spend money? Online casinos offer all the benefits of land-based casinos without tricks to keep you inside! So play poker, blackjack or any other casino game online and keep the reins in your own hands.