5 Worst Celebrity Crashes in the United States

Celebrities are just like everybody else. They go through the tribulations of life, and car accidents are not an exemption. Stars have fallen victim to the same trap, as statistics show that everyone has an accident at least once in a lifetime.

While some accidents are quick to make it to the news, others go unnoticed. Car crashes can send a wave of grief to the raving fans. Other accidents have been extreme and beyond imagination that resulted in the death of high-profile celebrities.

What Is the Main Cause of these Accidents?

Distracted driving has been ranked the number one cause of road accidents in the United States and results in more collisions than drunk driving, speeding, and other accident causes.

As years go by, distracted driving cases are getting worse, with cell phones being mentioned more often as a significant distraction while driving.

In 2019, Oprah Winfrey kicked off a campaign in her show to raise awareness about distracted driving. Oprah said to her fans, “The facts are that texting while driving is as dangerous, some say more dangerous than driving drunk. Let me repeat that. Texting behind the wheel is the equivalent of having four drinks and driving.”

According to the US government, 6000 people died in 2008 from distracted driving. Celebrities are like everybody else. Anything that affects the citizens will get to them too. We don’t need another heart-wrenching tale of a household name that has been laid to rest to be more aware of the issue.

The Worst Celebrity Crashes in the United States

1. Donnie McClurkin

The gospel superstar and a pastor at Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport had a near-death experience while driving in the middle of the night. Word is that he might have hired a Freeport car accident lawyer to help him be compensated to cater for the damages.

Donnie’s vehicle swerved off the road into the middle of a concrete Island. Luckily, two people that witnessed the crash followed his car and saved his life. He is forever grateful and says he owes his life to them.

2. Paul Walker

For several weeks in 2014, the Fast and Furious actor’s death was the order of the day. He died in a car accident after his friend Roger Rodas drove into a tree. The car lit up, and both of them died on the spot.

Millions of his fans have been mourning the death of the legend since then. Walker perished from traumatic and thermal injuries.

3. Niki Taylor

In 2001, the driver of the car Taylor was in tried to answer a phone call, and the next thing was a collision with a utility pole. The former American supermodel was in a coma for more than a month after suffering internal injuries that included a collapsed lung and liver damage. Niki Taylor has undergone around 50 operations to fix her body.

4. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Lisa, a hip-hop member and RnB group TLC, died in a car accident in Honduras in 2002. She overtook a truck only to be blocked by another vehicle and lost control as her SUV veered off the road. The car rolled several times and hit two trees, causing the musician to lose her life.

5. Kevin Hart

Jared Black, Hart’s driver, lost control of the car and ended up slamming a tree and into a ditch. Kevin Hart suffered severe back injuries after the accident and went to the hospital for extensive physical therapy treatment.

More Awareness on Accidents Should Be Raised

No one sees an accident coming. However, celebrities should take measures like raising awareness about being keen on the road. Oprah Winfrey already set the pace. More stars should step into the gap and raise more attention to avoid celebrities dying from accidents.