6 Street Style Trends from Coachella

While festivals once had a distinct style consisting of wellies, denim shorts, crop tops and sunglasses, today’s festivals have become somewhat of a fashion scene where the latest new trends are emerging. As one of the most famous festivals around, Coachella has long set the latest fashion scenes, yet in recent years, we’re seeing trends move away from traditional festival vibes and have become a launchpad for eclectic fashion trends.

Below, we will take a look at some of the most iconic street styles to emerge from Coachella.

1. Goddess Vibes

This year, Coachella was all about channelling your inner goddess, with the likes of Paris Hilton turning up in a bridal-like number with festival buns on either side of her hair and large sunglasses to complete the outfit.

Not only was this look popular with celebrity attendees, but we also saw lots of festival goers in floaty white dresses, complementing the hot desert scene. It seems this magical vibe is a fashion trend here to stay too.

2. Gothchella

Forget Coachella, it’s now Gothchella with fans flocking to the scene in a rather dark tone this year. One of the fashion designer brands to be seen on a number of iconic visitors was Alexander McQueens’s gothic range, channelling an inner goddess combined with strength and masculinity.

McQueen mentions her collection was linked to a mythical mermaid and siren theme where pirates and captains would be lured in by the dark creatures. The style is meant to represent the power of femininity while reflecting strength at the same time. Other fashion features that embodied the gothic theme included body paintings that mimicked Banks artwork, hand beaded embroidery jackets and lots of black lace.

3. A 70’s Comeback

This year’s festival saw a lot of 70’s styles coming back into the limelight, with outfits consisting of lots of flares, bell bottoms and high waisted jeans, shorts, circular sunglasses, as well as fringe and lava lamp style prints.

One of the celebrities to rock this trend at the festival was Harry Styles himself. Known for his bold fashion statements and blurred lines between gendered fashion trends, Styles was seen wearing an inspirational 70’s outfit that will no doubt have Generation Z’s trying to pull off a similar outfit this summer.

4. Swimsuits and Bodysuits

While one trend saw everything covered up with black, another emerging trend is to let it all out. Complementing the hot dessert atmosphere, this year’s festival saw a number of festival goers wearing bodysuits or swimsuits as a statement piece.

While we’re pretty sure this option got a little chilly in the evening and isn’t the best choice for avoiding a nasty sunburn, it’s set to stick around for a while.

5. Matching Two-Piece Co-Ords

Co-ords have been a big trend for 2022, having hit the highstreet early, in which Coachella was no exception. Festival goers were seen in matching tops and skirts or tops with matching shorts or long pants, consisting of solid colours or flowery prints.

A popular trend was to pair the matching bucket hat with the co-ord set.

6. Cowboy Style

While Coachella is a long way from Texas, there was no stopping the cowboy theme this year with festival goers rocking the cowboy boots, rhinestones and fringed hats. Unlike traditional cowboy style, these outfits came in a number of colourful choices, giving the look a real Coachella festival vibe.

Overall, as one of the world’s most iconic music festivals, Coachella inspires a number of new fashion trends every year. Whether it’s celebrities setting the scene while taking front and centre stage, or festival goers making their mark on the 2022 fashion scene, 2022 sure was a year to impress in which we’re sure many of the styles mentioned above will be here to stay for a while.