7 Different Types of Mascaras based on Formulas

We all have to give it to the ‘mascara’! It is one of the first basics of our makeup case. Even when we race for the natural look, the correct mascara to pull out the sparkly eyes is a must. But with a large variety of mascaras hovering the market, this little magic wand has become a little more complicated than we ever thought. It has become a task to find out the best mascaras in India that can both lengthen and volumize the lashes. But don’t you worry child, we spoke to the pros to get a low down on the different types of mascaras based on their formulas.

    Curling Mascara

As the name suggests, curling mascaras helps to enhance the natural curl of the eyelashes. The mascara consistency is a little thicker than the usual ones, which helps to hold the curl in place. A curling mascara is best suited for those who have straight or faintly defined lashes.

    Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening mascaras work their magic by adding length to the existing lashes. The brush of this mascara have denser bristles, which allows the mascara to extend the lashes beyond the tips. To create the most length, you can apply at least two coats of this mascara in order to bind the fibres to the tips of your eyelashes, making them look lengthier and fuller. A lengthening mascara is the perfect choice for those with short and/or straight eyelashes.

    Volumizing Mascara

If it is volume that you are lacking and not the length, then a good volumizing mascara is what you should invest in. A volumizing mascara will help you achieve fuller, thicker and heavier lashes as these mascaras contain a thicker combination of silicone polymers and wax. They also contain stronger and darker pigments for a more dense look without weighing down your lashes. They are suitable for people with thin or sparse eyelash growth.

    Lash Defining Mascara

Be it volume or thickness, Lash extensions defining mascaras looks after it all. It is an all-in-one product which contains special polymers and pigments that defines lashes from root to tip. They are also waterproof. Thanks to their unmatched texture and consistency, the mascara spreads evenly on each lash, fine and beautifully curled, thus offering a perfect volume and thickness. Visit your supplier for eyelash extensions and try it out for yourself.

    Non-clumping Mascara

The non-clumping mascaras are the latest addition in the market and contain silk and glycerin extracts, which gives the eyelashes a perfect, neat finish. The application wand of a non-clumping mascara has a longer brush with long bristles, so it may cover the eyelashes from one corner to another, effortlessly. This mascara makes for a great option for a natural, everyday look.

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