According To A New Study, Weed Might Be The Key To A Healthier Relationship.

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According to a recent study released by researchers at the University of Buffalo, couples that smoke marijuana are less likely to display aggression toward one another or engage in domestic violence. A report published by the university states that,

The study attempted to clarify inconsistent findings about domestic violence among pot-smoking couples that primarily has been based on cross-sectional data (i.e., data from one point in time).

The relationship between marijuana use and reduced partner violence was most evident among women who did not have histories of prior antisocial behavior.

The published report also notes,

While couples who reported marijuana use also reported less marital aggression, previous research with these couples found that couples who smoked marijuana were not less likely to divorce. In addition, the current study does not address the potential impact of parental marijuana use on children in the family and other problems associated with daily marijuana use. The most frequent use reported by couples in this particular study was once a week.