African-American Actress Crystal Clarke Cast in Upcoming “Star Wars Episode VII” Film.

Crystal Clarke

According to, African-American actress Crystal Clark has been cast in in the upcoming “Star Wars Episode VII” film. While her role is currently unspecified, it’s rumored Clarke may be playing “Rachel”, a character described in this casting call from OpenCastingCall,

Rachel – was quite young when she lost her parents. With no other family, she was forced to make her way in a tough, dangerous town. Now 17, she has become street smart and strong. She is able to take care of herself using humor and guts to get by. Always a survivor, never a victim, she remains hopeful that she can move away from this harsh existence to a better life. She is always thinking of what she can do to move ahead. The suitable actress should be over the age of 16, according to the announcement, but look young enough to play a 17- or 18-year-old. She must be beautiful, smart and athletic. All ethnicities are welcome.

Clarke, who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is a native of New Jersey and grew up in both New Jersey and Tennessee. She is currently starring alongside Kaya Scodelario, Pierce Brosnan and William Hurt in her first feature film The Moon and the Sun, directed by Sean McNamara.