Alicia Keys Gives Speech on Capital Hill About the Importance of Criminal Justice Reform.

Alicia Keys

Celebrities can often be a major voice in the political arena due to their overwhelming influence. Therefore it’s always a great thing to see famous musicians use their powers for good.

Last week Alicia Keys visited Baltimore, where she spent time with local families with incarcerated family members. In some cases, many of the Baltimore residents had family members as young as 15 serving prison sentences after being tried as adults. Keys’ visit comes at a trying time for Baltimore. The city is still reeling from the killing of Freddie Gray in police custody and the protests that follows. The officers accused of causing his death are currently on trial.

On Monday, Keys relayed her experience in Baltimore in an impassioned speech on Capital Hill.

“Nowhere in the rest of the western world are juveniles being tried as adults, or even worse, sentenced to life sentences without parole,” she said. “Is this who we are now? Is this who we want to be?

“These are just regular boys and girls, trying to find their way.”

Keys was also joined by Senator Cory Booker, a vocal proponents of criminal justice reform, as well as civil rights activist Van Jones.

In an interview after the event, Keys reiterated her point and voiced her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.