AMEA’s “Space (Ship)” Is An Afrofuturist Space Odyssey.

Rising Texas R&B artist AMEA recently released visuals for her new single “Space (Ship)”. Featuring a chorus inspired by Kanye West and animation by Cassidy Fritts, it imagines space as a higher plane of existence. “Space (Ship)” is the first single off AMEA’s upcoming album The Learning Tree Part 1.

Evoking the artist’s Native American and African roots, the music video features Black and brown minds stepping outside of themselves to become a part of something bigger. According to AMEA herself, the song is “an affirmation to never stop embracing the learning of our lived and shared experiences”. In fact, the video and its message could fit right alongside other Afrofuturistic R&B videos such as FKA Twigs “Two Weeks” and OSHUN’s “Protect Yourself”. 

For those who have been following AMEA’s music, the video also could be seen as a continuation of the introspective themes explored in the music video for the hit single, “Vay Cay.” In “Vay Cay”, AMEA drives to the woods and goes on a personal journey. With the guiding force of a fire spirit, AMEA is literally led to her most natural self.

Both “Space (Ship)” and “Vay Cay” feature soft murmurs and sweet, soulful vocals that have earned AMEA comparisons to other music artists like Syd The Kid and Erykah Badu. AMEA’s intricate visuals, however, put her in a class of her own, by using images that express her ambition and imagination. With her authenticity, creativity, and lovely vocals, AMEA is definitely a rising R&B star.