Artist Nakeya Brown Features in Solo Exhibition in Brooklyn.

Nakeya Brown, Black Women Art, Black Woman Contemporary Artists

This weekend, artist Nakeya Brown, will show three of her photo projects, “The Refutation of ‘Good Hair,’” “Hair Stories Untold,” and “if nostalgia were colored brown” in a solo exhibition titled “In Private Moments,” hosted by AfroPunk.

According to NYLON, the title for the exhibition stems from an interview Brown did with Black Girls Talking last fall.

“They brought up this concept of ‘the secret lives of black girls’ and that was something I really liked, and I really thought that, ‘Yeah, there is this super-secret life that we all do and it’s really centered around our hair,'” she says. The notion builds off of the hair rituals that women of color partake in within the privacy of their own homes.

Brown’s unique works have since gone viral as a result of the familiar imagery that she depicts — imagery that definitely resonates with black viewers. Much of Nakeya Brown’s works employ nostalgia to create striking images of black beauty and black hair culture.

“In Private Moments” opens on April 10th, at FiveMyles gallery in Brooklyn. For more info, head over to