Black-Owned 90’s Inspired Indie Hair Care Line Now Available at Target.

The Doux

Introducing The Doux. Maya Smith, mom of 5 and owner of The Doux Salon in Macon, GA, channeled over two decades of hair care experience to create her indie line The Doux.

The Doux was first launched in 2011 in Europe. Smith intentionally made the product range very versatile in order to allow options for black women with a variety of hair textures.

“I was living in Germany at the time, had my own salon there and my specialty was helping clients to transition to a relaxer-free lifestyle,” said Smith. “I’m obsessed with people maximizing the potential of the hair they were born with. Mastering curls is my passion and purpose.”

In 2017, the Doux landed stateside, striking a deal with Target stores. Smith also changed up the line’s appearance with eye-catching designs.

“I’m a fan of 90’s rap so I wanted to incorporate lyrics and titles in the packaging,” adds Smith.

Product titles include Bonita Afro Balm, Mousse Def, Sucka Free, Fresh Rinse, and The Light.

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