Couple Vows to ‘Buy Black’ For 30 Days and Makes a Web Series About It.

Numa Perrier

Filmmakers Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier are the minds behind the amazing YouTube network BLACK&SEXY.TV, a network that featues a host of diverse programming aimed at African American audiences. Dortch and Perrier are also passionate about the power of representation and the importance of serving their community.

For their latest effort, the California-based couple turns the camera onto themselves to document their latest endeavor — a pledge to patronize only black-owned business for the next 30 days.

Considering that the black population in California tops out at about 6%, along with the many challenges that black business owners face, this is no easy task. But Dortch and Perrier are up for the challenge.

“We are a Black business and we always talk about what can we do,” Dortch said in a teaser for the couple’s new series Buy Black For 30. “What we stand for is doing it for yourself and without other Black people supporting us we wouldn’t be here today, so why not do the same.”

Watch a teaser and the first 2 chapters of Buy Black For 30 below.