Documentaries. ‘Black Women in Medicine’ Looks at the Lives and Careers of Black Female Doctors.

Black Women in Medicine

As of 2015, black women account for only 2% of medical doctors in the United States. This disparity is due to a variety of factors, which are mostly socioeconomic in nature. In Black Women in Medicine filmmaker and activist Crystal Emery introduces us to some of the amazing women that make that 2%, we also learn how and why they became doctors.

Black Women in Medicine amplifies the stories of trailblazing women and brings them within reach of those who most need to hear them. As we follow these stories, we journey through America’s sociopolitical evolutions concerning gender equality and cultural diversification of professions. These narratives tell stories of excellence and perseverance that engage, inspire and motivate, planting seeds of aspiration in the minds of future doctors.

Black Women in Medicine airs this fall, watch a trailer below, and follow the documentary on Facebook for updates.