Eight Black Women Receive PhD From Indiana University at the Same Time. Make History.

Black Women PhD Indian University

Tiffany S. Kyser, Demetrees Hutchins, Shannon McCullough, Jada A. Phelps-Moultrie, Nadrea R. Njoku, Jasmine M. Haywood, Juhanna N. Rogers and Johari S. Shuck comprise a history-making group of black women at Indiana University known as “The Great Eight.” All of these women are set to receive a PhD from Indiana University’s School of Education.

“We understood very early on that we had a distinction, a commonality, a thread between all of us and so we began to meet as a group,” said PhD candidate Nadrea Njoku.

“The Great Eight” have formed a lasting bond during their experience at IU, but they also acknowledge how rare their situation is. The group has arranged to meet to their school’s leadership to discuss how to make the School of Education more inclusive.

Graduation ceremonies will take place at Indiana University’s campuses in Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses between May 5th and May 8th.