Etsy Sellers Can Now Pitch Major Retailers Through “Open Call.”


Over the past couple of years, Etsy has been rolling out some interesting programs for sellers who use the popular platform.

The site’s latest program, “Open Call,” allows Etsy wholesale members to pitch their products to a host of major retailers including Nordstrom, Clementine, the Walker Art Center’s Walker Shop, and many more. The program is aimed at independent designers.

The Open Call sprung from a brainstorm in which I was trying to think of a program that would capture the imagination of emerging designers and Etsy sellers — and encourage them to post via social media. We’re hoping the Open Call can, in this way, get the word out in these designers’ social networks. It’s so exciting for us to give designers an opportunity that may have never had otherwise,” says Vanessa Bertozzi, a Senior Program Manager at Etsy.

The new program announcement comes just weeks after Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson rang the Nasdaq Opening Bell in to celebrate Etsy’s IPO on April 16, 2015 in New York City.

Etsy sellers can join Etsy Wholesale through a juried approval process. After receiving approval, they simply need to post their pitch to Instagram using the hashtag #EtsyOpenCall and by tagging Etsy Wholesale with @EtsyWholesale. Selected Etsy sellers will be announced on July 1st.