Everything About London Fashion Week From 1984-2021

London Fashion Week has been one of the most popular fashion events. Running for over 30 years, the event is one of the best places to review upcoming collections of the world’s best designers. Every year, it creates a lot of buzz and attracts fashion enthusiasts, along with the general public.

There is a lot of history behind the London Fashion Week. If you go back to its inception, you would be surprised to know how much it has changed. This article has combined everything there is to know about London Fashion Week right from its beginning.

How it began

In 1983, the British Fashion Council came to be. It was a non-profit trade group that hoped to promote British designs in their country and outside. It was the British Fashion Council only that started the London Fashion Week for the first time in 1984.

The first-ever LFW was held at a car park in West London. Tents were used to accommodate the public. There were only 25 designers who came with their collections, and only 15 catwalk shows were done. The event was not an instant hit; however, it attracted a lot of designers to show off their collections. Moreover, the British government realized what a huge hit it could be and started funding the event.

After 1984, London Fashion Week started to move towards success. With people such as Margaret Thatcher, Queen Elizabeth II, and Princess Diana showing up, the event started expanding. So, it can be said that the LFW had a successful decade in the 80s.

How it’s going

It wasn’t a smooth ride for the London Fashion Week to become one of the most famous fashion weeks. For when it started, it was in competition with the already well-established fashion weeks. However, the event never relented. The result of which, can now be seen in how far the event has come.

The 90s and 00s were a time of change for the LFW. It was throughout these decades that the event got its indoor venue, where it is held regularly now. The week is now mainly hosted at The Store X on the Strand, with faces from all over the globe coming to grace the occasion. In 2010, the event debuted the very famous Simone Rocha.

On the other hand, 2020 saw an event worth remembering, with 72 catwalk shows, and over 250 designers coming to the event. The event generated sales, exceeding 100,000 euros and talks from all of the mainstream media.

As situations change, you have to adapt to them. So, when the pandemic hit the world, the London Fashion Week had to improvise. A digital aspect is to be brought to London fashion week for 2021.

London fashion week has always been a significant contributor to London’s economy. In 2017, it contributed an amount of €32.3 billion. Despite the pandemic, the week will be returning in the month of February in 2021 with proper measures, and there is a lot which it has promised to deliver.