‘Evoking the Mulatto.’ New Web Series Examines Mixed Black Identity in the 21st Century.

Evoking the Mulatto

Created by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Lindsay Catherine Harris, Evoking the Mulatto is a bold, new web series and interactive video project.

The series examines mixed black identities in the wake of current events and the current racial climate in the United States. Harris films interviews with young activists and artists and also incorporates animations, photography, and historical mappings.

We are constantly fighting for the right to determine our own bodies and space. In this context, identity is two-fold – how we view ourselves and how others view us, both of which are informed by the racialized and sexualized violence of our past. Evoking the Mulatto begins with a delicate and poignant portrait of the young biracial body in contemporary society in respect to these legacies, navigating identity within and beyond a black/white binary in the hope of blossoming into a broader discussion on our humanity, the right to our own bodies and our own identities.

Watch the first episode of Evoking the Mulatto below. More episodes are available HERE. You can also follow the series on Facebook.