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Shani Crowe Braids

Artist, stylist, and creative director Shani Crowe is going viral with images from her recently opened exhibition, “Braids.” The show was created with the assistance of 3Arts, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to artists. It is result of years of planning by Crowe, who conceived, cast, styled, photographed,and edited the entire project.

“Because [braids] are coming out in pop culture and being exploited as a trend in the fashion scene, I think it’s important for me to honor them, before there’s a time when people don’t even remember them as a traditional black art,” Crowe tells Fusion.

Shani Crowe Braids

“Plenty of cultures do their own braid styling, but African braiding has its own very long chapter in the history of braiding. I felt charged to make them tangible in a way where I could create an icon that honors my experience with braiding, my love for my clients and a celebration of black feminine beauty coiffeur in my own words, in my own images outside of magazines.”

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If you can’t make it to Chicago anytime soon, don’t fret. In a response to one of her Instagram followers, Crowe revealed that the exhibition might be coming to a city near you in due time.