Factors to Consider When Choosing a Streaming Camera

At the back of a year where everything almost came to a standstill, video communication is now very important. The roles of a camera have increased and more people continue to embrace the technology of video communication.

Webcams have been on the forefront of this revolution. They are used for online classes, entertainment, and conducting online meetings. Today, you can find different varieties of these products depending on your needs and how much you are willing to spend.

Either way, considering the following factors when looking for the best webcam will ensure that you settle for the right product.

Ability to Adapt to Light Sensitivity

Webcams are designed to record videos from almost any part of the world. However, the clarity and quality of the pictures and videos recorded vary from one camera to another. In most cases, this can be attributed to the ability of the camera to respond to different forms of lighting.

When purchasing a webcam, opt for one that has a powerful adaptive light sensor feature. For instance, the Razer Kiyo Pro/RZ1903640100-R3UI has an advanced imaging feature that allows it to adapt to different degrees of light exposure.

The Razer webcam is fitted with a large 1/2.8 ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor with STARVIS technology that allows it to detect how bright or dark its surroundings are. It then adjusts accordingly to produce the perfect images and videos all the time.

A quality streaming camera should have:

          ●     Proper backlight lighting
          ●     Dim lighting feature
          ●     Harsh lighting feature
          ●     Streamer lighting feature

Is the Camera HDR-Enabled?

During this time and era, the HDR feature is not something to be debated about when it comes to streaming cameras. The only discussion should be how much a particular camera’s HDR feature is enabled.

Looking at some of the best streaming cameras at the moment, the Razor Kiyo Pro camera has a 30 FPS HDR feature. With this, you can stream videos with more vibrant colors that improve your videos in different ways. It is also possible to correct the areas that are over or underexposed.

Consider the Lens

The lens of a streaming camera determines how much you can cover in your surroundings. Wide –angle lenses with adjustable FOV are perfect for capturing more people in your shot. Finding a camera that you can adjust from the narrow to the medium and wide lens will ensure that all your streaming needs are catered for.

What are the Camera’s Mounting Options?

When streaming, flexibility is key. To achieve this, your mounting options have to be flexible as well. Pick a camera that can sit on a tripod just as well as it can sit on your table.

Other features to consider when choosing a streaming camera includes design, privacy cover features, and warranty. It also has to be an affordable webcam.


There is no doubt that the roles of a good camera have increased in the recent past. With most meetings, classes, and entertainment sessions happening online, having a quality webcam is paramount.

To ensure that you get value for your money, always consider the lens, mounting options, HDR, design, capability, and light adaptability before settling for any product. The Razor USB webcam is one example of a streaming camera that checks all these boxes.