Film. ‘Ayanda and the Mechanic.’ A Contemporary South African Drama About Love and Determination.

Ayanda, South African Film

Directed by Sara Belcher, Ayanda is a contemporary South African drama with a youthful edge.

In a vibrant and diverse Johannesburg community, 21-year-old Afro-hipster Ayanda has a knack for taking neglected pieces of furniture and “bringing them back to love.” Eight years after her father’s death, she is determined to revive his prized garage, which is in deep debt and in danger of being sold. Director Sara Blecher’s sophomore work crackles with infectious energy and style, capturing a vividly contemporary view of a South Africa where cooperation trumps xenophobia. This one-of-a-kind film melds gorgeous still-frame montages inspired by the possibilities of a modern African aesthetic and documentary-like techniques to explore its core theme: how do we let go of the things and people we love?

The film, which stars Fulu Mugovhani and Nigerian actor OC Ukeje, includes a star cast of South African talents. Ayanda opens at the LA Film Festival on June 13th, before heading to the Durban International Film Festival, where it will be screening during opening night.

There are many additional screenings scheduled for the film throughout the summer. For more info, go here.