Five Common Misconceptions of Being a Photographer. by Brianna Roye.

Brianna Roye Photography

Photographer Brianna Roye isn’t new to SUPER.selected. She did the amazing spread for “The Effortlessly Dapper Dame” some months ago. Now check out the piece done about some misconceptions folks have about her visual work.

As a riff off of  5 Misconceptions of Being a Fashion Student,  I decided to make one that photographers (I hope) can relate to. As a photographer myself, there are just a few misconceptions  and things that just grind my gears. Cue rant.

” So you’ll do this for free, right?”

The one thing I can tell you that most photographers (and artists in general)  straight up loathe is when someone thinks you can work for free. It’s a bit insulting to a photographer, someone who puts effort into their craft, to be asked to do something for nothing.  Now,  of course there will be cases where a photographer will work on a project to simply build their portfolio or gain some type of exposure– but even then there is something being gained.

Photography isn’t as easy as it looks

With the rapid and constant development of photography, more and more people have been able to use their smartphones with apps  and entry-level DSLRs to capture moments and memories beautifully. Because of this, a lot of people think photography is easy and is a simple click of a button, when that isn’t so. It takes skill, talent, and experience.

That’s not real  photography

It always gets under my skin when people (and photographers) try and dictate what is true photography and what isn’t. For example, a lot of people don’t really think street photography is “real” because you aren’t working for an editorial or making money from it. Luckily, with the growth of Instagram, street shots are beginning to gain popularity again .

“What gear/camera do you use?”

Maybe it’s just me and because I have next to no gear (I’m salty) but this question gets annoying after a while. Especially when it’s followed along with “Oh I heard [insert name] brand was better than that one”. Although how good your camera is and the gear you have does make a difference, it isn’t the only factor in creating great photos. A lot of people are under the misconception that really expensive camera and gear = really good photographer. No.

Big Watermarks

They’re ugly and tacky. Don’t use them. Ever.

Republished with permission from writer/photographer Brianna Roye. Check out more of Brianna’s work here.