Good Reads. Dog Groomer and Entrepreneur Ethel Taylor Offers Hair Dying, Nail Painting, and More For Your Pampered Pets.

Ethel Taylor was once terribly afraid of dogs, but now cleaning and styling pets is a way of life for her. Taylor owns the Doggy Washerette in Washington, D.C. The full-service grooming salon offers a variety of services including trims, dyes, nail painting, and more.

“My business is not cookie-cutter. We’re not an assembly line. I really focus on each individual dog’s needs, from temperament, to skin, to hair,” Taylor tells The Atlantic. “I’m not just a groomer; I’m a therapeutic groomer, meaning I study the science of dog skin and hair.”

Her Own Canine Dominion

Ethel Taylor, a pet groomer in Washington D.C., talks about overcoming her fear of dogs to start a business where she sees them every day. For us to continue writing great stories, we need to display ads. Please select the extension that is blocking ads.