Hair Care: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Your Hair Type When Shopping Hair Products

Shopping has always been considered a fun activity for most people. Well, that’s if you know exactly what you want and where to get it. Shopping can be time-consuming and stressful, especially if you don’t have any idea what products you’re looking for. The market is saturated with countless products today, and narrowing down your options can be tough. Do you know what happens when you have no idea of what you want or end up buying something that you wouldn’t use or will turn out unhelpful? So frustrating and such a waste, right? The same case applies when shopping for hair products.

But when shopping for hair products, do you know what considerations you should keep in mind? Do you know how to narrow down your search so you’ll end up with the right hair products? If your list doesn’t include your hair type, then you have been missing out on a lot of benefits.

But no need to worry, in today’s article we take you through the reasons as to why this is important.

1: Not All Textures Are The same

Just the same way you can classify body types, human hair can be classified into various textures. From kinky, wavy to curly, they all require specific care, if at all you want them to grow them in a healthy manner. Therefore, just the same way you cannot walk into a store and purchase a size 8 dress for a size 10 person, you shouldn’t purchase products that are meant for curly hair and expect them to perfectly work on kinky . It’s an impossibility that you will live to suffer the consequences for as long as you remain in the dark.

Take for instance a person with thick, dry locks, the products they will need will have to include some sort of moisture that someone with thin oily ones won’t need.

If you decide to style your locks with a wig, the hair’s texture is also one of the reasons why it’s best to check this infographic. Wigs can instantly improve your appearance by changing your hairstyle. But you’ll only get to enjoy this benefit if you end up choosing a wig that perfectly matches the natural texture of your hair.

2: Hair Density And Strands Affects the Styling

When we talk about considering your hair density, we are basically talking about the closeness of your strands. And based on this, it can either be thick, medium or thin. So you basically cannot place a natural Afro in the same category with one that has been relaxed or permed. For thick ones, you will require layering of products if you want to achieve the best results, hence the ones that complement each other makes a perfect choice. As the styling would include big sectioning to tame the volume. On the other hand, if yours is thin, then you will have to settle for products with a less greasy appearance and use products that offer small section styling options for a fuller appearance.

3: Hair Strands Size Determines How You handle it.

As for the strand size, apart from prioritizing moisture and avoiding protein compounded products, you will also have to consider the types of brushes/combs you use. For instance, you might want to go for a hair crimper when it comes to coarse hair and settle for finger detangle for fine ones.

4: The Extent Of Hair Damage Differs

You can say that your scalp is damaged when its integrity has been altered and you are already finding it difficult to return it to its original form. However, if you want to rectify the problem, you will have to recognize the type of damage so as to purchase the correct products. For example, there are breakages and split ends, balding, dryness, and lack of elasticity. Remember to stop further damages, you will have to isolate various parts of your hair so that you give them the treatment they deserve.

Hair products now come in a wide variety of options, and you can easily find ones that treat certain types of hair damages. For example, if you have thinning hair, you can look for a shampoo that contains essential oils as these can nourish your hair strands, preventing them from thinning. If you have unruly hair, on the other hand, you can buy a hair mask that has potassium sorbate and black cumin oil as these ingredients are known to tame frizzy hair.

5: The Hair Color

Just like we all have different hair textures, so does the color. And we are not talking about color treated ones here, but rather natural ones, which could be blonde, grey, brown, black or a combination of two colors.

They also grow in different shades. So it’s only logical that a product that works for black locks might look awkward on blonde . The same case applies to when you’re dealing with a mix of black/grey or brown.

Yes, you might love the scent or the source of a given brand of products, but you should take your time to consider if they leave any peculiar shade once you apply and they dry. Your colored hair will eventually lose its color if you regularly use hair products that don’t work for that color. If your hair is red, for instance, make sure to look for hair products that are made for red hairs.

Additionally, if you love tying scarfs around your head, you will also have to consider your hair color so that you choose the color shades that will complement your appearance. Some types might also find it difficult to hold a scarf throughout the day due to their smooth nature.

Maintaining the healthy appearance of your hair is a great way of contributing to your general grooming efforts. However, to achieve the best results, you’ve to consider its type whenever you go shopping.This is because just like everyone’s body type is different, so is your hair. So what works for your friend might not necessarily work for you. Therefore, invest in evaluating its texture, density, damages and color for expert advice on how to best take care of it. And after that, you will surely appreciate the results.