How To Acquire Bae(s): A Makeup Tutorial For The Single Woman.

Bae Make-up Tutorial

“Remember ladies the trick is to be bold enough to be seen, but simple and weak enough so you don’t intimidate or scare potential BAE away.”

L.A. by way of South Africa fashion blogger Bobo often tackles the issues of empowerment and body image on her blog thisfashionfiend. In her latest video she uses the ever-popular make-up tutorial format to deconstruct the many things young women are told to do in order to attract a mate.

Are you tired of the never-ending single life? Ready to finally acquire the bae of your dreams? Then look no further! For your very own viewing pleasure, I’ve created a makeup tutorial for the modern day, straight, single woman, sure to land you the man of your dreams! (As told by someone with absolutely zero bae prospects)