How To Choose The Perfect Fall T-Shirt This Season

Fall is here and there’s no better time to add a good ol’ T-shirt to your new season’s outfit. Dress it up with a fancy blazer or dress it down with a nice, leather or denim jacket – either way, you’re bound to look chic whichever way you go.

You can easily use a t-shirt to express your personality and mood in this fall season as well. For instance, if you’re feeling extra optimistic, you can always opt for a shirt that represents the same sentiments. A Grateful Thankful Blessed shirt is excellent for when you’re feeling great about your life and want to spread positivity.

It’s obvious that there’s a t-shirt for every occasion. However, with so many t-shirt options available, it can sometimes be challenging to decide how you should shop for one. So, if you’re confused about how to buy a t-shirt for the fall season, here’s what you need to know.

Choose the Fit & Style

Let’s start with the basics, finding the right fit and style. As compared to men, women have many more fit and style options. For instance, men can only choose from three styles – slim, regular, tall & big – whereas women’s t-shirts drastically vary in cut and size, so there are no set names for every title. This is why when you’re selecting a t-shirt, you need to determine what will look good on your body type and what will fit you well.

Firstly, you should know that a t-shirt is never a substitute for more clothing options, such as a dress or a blouse. When choosing a t-shirt, it shouldn’t be extra hard to make it look fancy or work it at a formal event. In case a t-shirt doesn’t suit the dress code, you should opt for something else instead. So, it’s always better to wear a t-shirt when you’re going for a relaxed and casual look.

Now that you know what occasions are most suited for a t-shirt, there are three things you should be aware of: what body features you want to expose, your body type, and the design.

Body features you want to expose

As mentioned above, women’s t-shirts are available in a wide range of cuts, so you’ll always find a shirt that accentuates one area of your body as opposed to other features. For instance, if your arm workouts have been paying off and you really want to show them off this fall, you can wear a shirt with shorter than average sleeves.

Similarly, if you’re not feeling too confident about your chest, you can get a t-shirt with a regular neckline. On the other hand, if you want to show off your upper chest a bit, then a v-neck is the way to go.

Body type

Many people try matching t-shirts with certain body types. And while that is important and you should always go for a t-shirt that flatters your body, it’s more important to feel confident. It can be challenging to determine what t-shirt to choose since it’s representative of your personality and you want to send the right message. You should always be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing, especially in the chilly fall days. Remember, you need to follow no set beauty standards; as long as you’re feeling good within, it’s going to show outside.


When you’ve decided what t-shirt suits your body type and the features you want to show off, you should pay attention to the design and logo. These aspects significantly affect what message you’re sending off to other people. For example, if you’re looking for something fun for fall, you can always get a t-shirt that has a pumpkin or a ghost, showing you’re excited for Halloween. If you are thinking to design your own T-shirt you should think about investing in an Epson garment printer.

Another example is, if you’re wearing a t-shirt with a Nike logo, your style will fall under the athletic category. Similarly, suppose you’re wearing a t-shirt with the Captain America logo, in that case, it tells people you’re a superhero or Marvel fan. The design you choose purely depends on what you want people to know and think.

Decide on a Color

You need to follow a very simple rule when deciding a color: dark colors distract and light colors highlight. So, if you’re a little conscious about your upper body, you should go for a darker color like navy, brown, or black. On the other hand, if you want to show off your upper body, you can easily go for lighter colors, such as orange, red, or yellow.

There are many fall color combinations to go for, so you’ll never be out of ideas. For instance, moody and earthy colors such as green, red, orange, and grey are all great for fall.

Once you’ve settled on the range of colors you want to go for, you can easily decide which colors suit you best. Depending on your skin, eye, and hair color, you should try holding various colored shirts on yourself in front of a mirror. This is the easiest way to decide which color works best with your skin tone.

Apart from this, you can always pair up a neutral-colored shirt with a bright accessory like a handbag that instantly ups your game. Basic colors are always a good idea when you want to experiment with accessories. Lastly, since the fall season is a little chilly, you’ll likely be pairing your t-shirt with a jacket. So, you should also ensure the t-shirt’s color doesn’t clash with the jacket’s.

Keep an Eye on the Trends

You always need to be aware of how fall trends are changing in the t-shirt world. While the t-shirt typically won’t change, the way it’s worn might. One day, baggy t-shirts might be all the rage while another, everyone around you would be wearing t-shirts with frills.

There’s no hard and fast rule where t-shirts are concerned in the fall season. If you don’t think you’ll look good following a particular trend, you don’t necessarily have to follow it. You can also opt for a classic and style it in a different way; there are so many options to choose from!

Remember, there are very few clothing pieces as versatile as the t-shirt. Dress it up or dress it down; wear it with jeans or shorts; formal or casual – you can always rock a t-shirt and make it look banging. You can either be a follower or a trendsetter – the choice is yours!

Final Thoughts

A t-shirt is one of the most flattering pieces you can wear. An incredibly dynamic piece; you can never go wrong wearing one. With this guide, choosing the perfect t-shirt for the fall season has never been easier. So, stop waiting and go out there to get your soon-to-be favorite t-shirt that you can style and make heads turn!