How to find a motorcycle accident lawyer

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to motorcycle accident compensation. In order to make a start on the next steps, you will probably have to approach a lawyer with the details of your situation, and you may then have many questions before you choose a lawyer that is suited to you. For example, one of the main questions you may wish to ask could be about the associated costs and payouts that a particular lawyer has in mind regarding your circumstances (see average settlement following a motorcycle accident in Georgia for an idea).

But is that all that counts? Simple figures? Well, not necessarily. Once you have an idea of the numbers involved, you may still wish to shop around for a lawyer. Why? Let’s take a look.

Sectors in law

Not all lawyers work on the same cases. Not all lawyers have the same training and experience. In fact, there is no such thing as a ‘general lawyer’ that may be approached to handle any type of case under the sun. Lawyers have experience in particular fields of work. This means that where you have been injured in a road traffic accident specifically involving a motorcycle, you should target representation that knows how to direct this specific type of claim. There may be very individual considerations that only relate to certain types of car accident, meaning if you choose the wrong lawyer, you could miss out on a substantial portion of the claim to which you would otherwise be entitled if you had selected a more experienced lawyer to represent you.

Fresh out of law school?

Be aware that some lawyers may advertise their services at lower rates compared to their competitors, and that this is probably for a very good reason. For example, you may not wish to entrust your claim to a lawyer who is fresh out of law school where the details of your claim are intricate and may involve in depth knowledge to sort out (an experienced lawyer can help to direct your claim to include things like lost earnings and the expenses of supporting dependants).

Relevant size of department

If you approach a larger law firm with an established reputation, be sure to take into consideration that the reputation may have been earned by other larger departments within the firm (such as the family law department or the wills and estates department), and not necessarily by the motoring accident claims department. Ask about these details and pay attention to whether or not there is anybody on the team that has the relevant skills you need to handle your motorcycle claim (e.g. motorcycle injuries can differ from car crash injuries).

Although there may be many crossovers, legally speaking, between a car accident claim and a motorcycle accident claim, matters such as a local knowledge of reputable and fairly priced motorcycle garages may be invaluable in directing your claim. That is why you must take the time to make sure that the lawyer you choose is the suitable fit for you and your situation.