How to make sure your health isn’t hampering your enjoyment of the big screen

For movie fans, there’s nothing that beats the enjoyment of watching a brand-new film at the movie theater. That is, unless your health is affecting how you see and hear the movie. If you find you’re struggling to listen and watch films on the big screen, here are some tips on how to improve the situation.

Improve your vision

The main reason people go to the movie theater is to experience their favorite films on the big screens. The projector allows you to experience a level of detail that no television could replicate. That of course is only the case if your eyesight is good enough to appreciate all the hard work the director and set designers have put into the film. If you suffer from poor eyesight, or even a more serious condition like cataracts, it’s important to seek help to improve your vision. If you have cataracts, it’s highly likely you’ll need surgery to relieve the pain of the condition. Not all procedures are the same, so make sure you research which will give you the best results. For example, Panoptix lenses reduce blurry vision and improve the brightness of colors you see, while other brands could leave you with poorer vision than before the procedure. Visit their website to find a doctor who can give you further information on the benefits of these lenses.

Improve your hearing

The sound of a movie can be just as important as what you see on the big screen. Even if you have a slight difficulty with your hearing, you could struggle to hear some of the dialogue in scenes where the characters are either whispering or talking in a location with a lot of background noise. If you miss even a few lines of dialogue, you could miss out on a major part of the plot and not fully understand what is going on in the movie. One of the easiest ways to improve your hearing is to get fitted with a hearing aid. You might think these would be bulky, intrusive or even painful to wear, but modern technology has made these devices smaller and a lot more comfortable on your ear. These devices simply then take the noise from your surroundings and amplify it in the small speaker that sits in your ear. By wearing one of these, you’ll be able to hear even the quietest of conversations.

Link up with the big screen

Once you’ve been fitted with a hearing aid, you can connect fully to the sound system of most movie theaters. Before you head to the cinema, ask what facilities they offer for those hard of hearing. Most of them will have a system installed into their screens that will make it easier to hear the dialogue of the film. For example, many movie theaters will also broadcast the audio from the screen over a radio frequency that you can tune your hearing aid into.

Even if you don’t have a hearing aid, the movie theater could provide you with a headset to play the audio directly into your headphones.