Kenyan Women Hold Rally After the Brutal Assault of a Woman Wearing a Miniskirt. The Victim Has Since Passed Away. (UPDATED)

Kenyan Assault

On Monday protestors gathered in Uhuru park in Nairobi’s city center to bring awareness and support to a woman whose brutal assault by a group of men at a bus stop was captured on video. The woman was accused of tempting men with her short skirt. Following the assaults, more woman have come forward as victims of similar attacks.

The campaign was organized through the facebook group Strip Me Not Kenya. Messages of support are also being sent via the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice.

Sadly, according to Strip Me Not Kenya, the unnamed victim has passed away and now the assault is being investigated as a murder.

Kenyan Assault
(via Facebook.)

William Ruto, the deputy president of Kenya has ordered an investigation and that the attackers be arrested. But Strip Me Not Kenya has stated that many of the men are still walking free and has urged Kenyans to help bring them to justice.

UPDATE: According to recent reports the death of the victim is unconfirmed.