Last Night’s “Catfish” Was Basically A Psychological Thriller. #Catfish

Catfish Tracie Thoms

Remember when we watched that trailer for the upcoming third season of Catfish a couple of months ago and wondered if our eyes were deceiving us when we spotted what appeared to be an incredulous Tracie Thoms?

Well, last night all of our questions were answered, in what turned out to be a twisted tale of fandom gone too far. The episode did in fact feature the immensely talented and all around badass Tracie Thoms, who was hoping to get some closure after getting wrapped up in an intense online relationship with a fan, “Sammie”. It turns out Sammie is not only juggling social media accounts but also objects of her affection/obsession. The creepiness culminated at Nev reading a poem Sammie wrote to another young actress.

Watching the episode and waiting for the big reveal, was basically like discovering the killer in a horror film. This episode was light on the cringe and heavy on the suspense, confusion and chest hair (thanks Nev!). The answer to the funeral question was definitely something.

Overall, Tracie admits the experience has definitely changed how she chooses to interact with fans.

Yeah, I don’t interact with fans exactly the same way that I used too. I am less likely to have back and forth conversations on Twitter.

I hold myself back from being as personally involved with fans online, which makes me kind of sad. It wasn’t a decision I made, it was something I noticed a few months ago. I’m still there, and respond when I can, but I subconsciously refrain from being as open as I was.

Watch the episode below.