Listen to This. Angel Haze. A Tribe Called Red. Dirty Gold.

Angel Haze Dirty Gold

First, she graced us with the album art for her upcoming album, Dirty Gold. Now the album has a confirmed released date, March 3rd, 2014 and a new single. “A Tribe Called Red” is an introspective piece in which the Angel Haze acknowledges her heritage and rather than transcending it, she allows the listener to see her Native ancestry as she does, part of Angel Haze, but not all of Angel Haze. For ethnicity can’t define Angel Haze, only Angel Haze can do that.

Here’s a preview of the tracklist for Dirty Gold; there will be no featured artists on the album.

01 Sing About Me
02 Echelon (It’s My Way)

03 A Tribe Called Red
04 Deep Sea Diver
05 Synagogue
06 Angel + Airwaves
07 April’s Fools
08 White Lillies / White Lies
09 Battle Cry
10 Black Dahlia
11 Planes Fly
12 Dirty Gold