Listen to This. Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. Goes Hard With ‘Thank You.’

Latasha Alcindor

“Somebody told me I’m the bottom of the barrel. Black and female so of course they won’t hear you. Somebody told me drop the world on its own head. So I did it.”

Brooklyn artist Latasha Alcindor aka L.A. releases “Thank You” as part of her new weekly #MusicMonday series.

“Thank You” is an introspective song about self-realisation and “getting through the bullsh*t.”

“Here is “Thank You” produced by Kaui (@kauistopplayin) and mixed by Segnon (@Segnot). The song is Preps for my new 3 EP series called #LALytes beginning this summer. Every #musicmonday I will be releasing a track getting the matches together for what #LALytes is about to set off. So more to come every Monday until the drop.” – L.A.