Listen to This. Major Lazer. Lose Yourself.

Major Lazer

I’ve loved reggae since my tomboy days in Jamaica–I got my fair share of good tunes growing up. As I got older, and came out, I realized how homophobic and misogynistic the culture of especially dancehall reggae music is. I haven’t stayed away completely there’s still a good amount of artist with positive and good music. Some years back, I fell in love with Major Lazer. I love their fusion of up tempo electronic beats and reggae laden tracks, it makes for some dope songs. Check out their latest ‘Lose Yourself,’ it’s full sexy moves that your average reggae loving Jamaican lady can pull off in her sleep. No really, some sick moves!

Andrea resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She's a lover of her very Jamaican family, music, cinema, different cultures, travel, basketball, and down to earth folk. She's especially passionate about equality in the LGBTQ community particularly as it relates to people of the African Diaspora. Contact Andrea here:

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