Is Vacuum Therapy The New Cosmetic Enhancement Craze?

Butt Enhancement

In the era of questionable and often life-threatening “butt shots,” butt implants, and big butts that have now gone “mainstream,” Sculpting Goddess, a Miami-based salon is offering a safer and cheaper alternative to butt enhancement.

For just $60, Sculpting Goddess promises to enhance your bottom through the use of suction cups in a process called “vacuum therapy.” The salon claims vacuum therapy works by “mobilizing fat.” The procedure takes 45 minutes for each buttcheek and requires 4 to 6 sessions before clients start seeing noticeable results. The salon’s owner who has tried the process herself states that her newly shaped butt has remained intact for over a year.

Vacuum Therapy

The company has been steadily growing it’s business through Instagram and now boasts customers from many parts of the United States, particularly New York. Like many other beauty treatments, vacuum therapy will probably be a short-lived fad, but it appears to be a much safer one than procedures of the past.

Scultping Goddess