Microloan Entrepreneur Stephanie Mbida Honored at Inaugural African Rethink Awards.

KickLoans Microloans Stephanie Mbida

In 2012 Stephanie Mbida, a US-based, Cameroonian entrepreneur created KickLoans. The Toronto-based organization provides microloans to some of the most impoverished people living and working on the continent of Africa. KickLoans also provides business training and financial management education to the individuals that it helps.

While the concept of microloans is not new, KickLoans aims to elevate talented emerging entrepreneurs by forging new relationships and connecting them to the larger global market.

“The organisation wants to connect the very best entrepreneurs across Africa to the right resources,” Mbida said.
The project, which launched a successful pilot program in Tanzania, has already helped many women in the country.

KickLoans was honored last month at the inaugural African Rethink Awards during the “Land of African conference” at Saint German des Pres in Paris. The organization was given a €5,000 award for Women’s Entrepreneurship.