Mississippi Widower Transforms His Home Into an Artful Monument Dedicated To His Late Wife.

Charles LaLa Evans MuteMath

Eighty-two year old Charles “LaLa” Evans married his late wife Louise at the age of 18. He describes first meeting Louise as “love at first sight.”

“I was a shoeshine boy,” Evans said. “And right across the street, her uncle had a café. And for lunch, I would go to the café and I would kind of put those squeezy eyes on her, you know?”

Sadly, Louise, whom Evans affectionately called Miss Lou, fell ill and passed away, just shy of their 60th anniversary. Her last words to her husband were “I love you.”

Evans decided to honor Louise and the love that they had by transforming the Mississippi home that they live in for most of their lives into a museum, dedicated to Louise. He pulled out pictures that the couple had taken over the years, as well as pictures of Louise’s favorite celebrities, and the covers of her favorite albums. He artfully displayed them all over the home. Charles also turned their lawn into “LaLa’s Umbrella Grove.” The lawn is now filled with bright beach umbrellas and streamers.

Filmmaker Aaron Joseph of Science Lab, documented Evans in the museum, also known as “LaLa and Louise Land.” The footage was turned into a music video for the indie alt-rock band MuteMath. The sweet, serene video features Evans talking about his love for Louise and dancing in the umbrella grove. The video has since gone viral, with fans from all over the world sending Evans heartfelt messages of support. Watch the music video and some behind-the-scenes footage below.