Must Visit Remote Working Destinations

With more flexibility in the day to day being offered for many with a chance to explore remote working opportunities, the ability to travel the world and see some beautiful vistas without giving up working responsibilities is a perfect balance for some – whilst it certainly isn’t an easy lifestyle and not fit for everyone, those who are able to get the balance right are in for some truly unique experiences. If this is something that looks appealing, location could be everything, so what are some must visit remote working destinations for those looking for change?

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Malta – Becoming home to those looking to take advantage of its lower taxation rate and it’s year long sunshine, Malta has it all – home to many big online gaming platforms too as many players find when looking for options like these, it’s a great home for digital nomads looking to get away with great accommodation spaces and a short flight from many of the biggest cities around Europe making it a great travel hub. It can be on the expensive side for some, but if that’s not an issue then this is certainly a destination that should be up on the list for any remote worker looking to travel.

Thailand – Already a big name on the list for most digital nomads as it has become somewhat of an unofficial first stop for many, it’s low cost of living and beautiful scenery make it a sure-fire place to get first timers comfortable and settled for the remote working lifestyle. There are plenty of different cities to choose from and many are worth checking out depending on preference and work requirements, and a huge amount of support from other remote workers who are more than willing to help newcomers get settled in and set-up.

Indonesia – Bali in particular always enters any list of remote working must-visit locations, and it has traditionally always been very welcoming to individuals looking to get away to the beautiful beaches or stunning cities – there has been some change in recent years due to a few rule breakers which may make it a bit more difficult than it once was to get opportunities here, the support system upon arrival is fantastic with great shared accommodation and work spaces as well as a huge number of guides out there to help those arriving in Bali get set-up and going without much issue.

These are just a few of the many locations available and as different countries start to launch their own remote working visa, opportunities only look to expand with this big shift in remote working, and it may not be long before any destination in mind is welcoming for the growing digital nomad culture.