Nigerian Military Official May Know Whereabouts of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls

Protest Rally South African YWCA
(A Support Rally at the YMCA in Soweto, Johannesbourg, on May 22, 2014 MUJAHID SAFODIEN / AFP)

It has been over a month since 276 girls were abducted from a boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria. Since then, media campaigns and assistance from foreign nations have helped to put pressure on the Nigerian government to find the girls and bring them back safely.

CNN reports that Nigerian Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh knows where the girls are being held, but will not use military force to rescue them. CNN recently shared these comments from Air Chief Marshal Badeh, which were originally reported by the News Agency of Nigeria, a state-run news service.

“We want our girls back. I can tell you that our military can and will do it, but where they are held, can we go there with force?” asked Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh.

“Nobody should say Nigerian military does not know what it is doing; we can’t kill our girls in the name of trying to get them back.”

“We cannot come and tell you the military secret, just leave us alone, we are working to get the girls back,” he reportedly said.

U.S. officials were not able to confirm this report.